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Import and export have influenced the GDP of the country, its exchange rate, and its level of inflation and interest rates. Import and export have always been a best business practice that has brought in ample amount of currency exchange which is a very healthy way for the economic growth of the country.


Import & Export business is the root of the industry to manage the business operations seamlessly, Tech Cloud ERP has some unique functionalities like :


Maintain production Work Orders, Report the Production progress, Subcontracting operation, Packing and forwarding etc. Workflow Approval process will help to decrease the time and save money in operating the Resources and reduce Wastage.


Considering the needs and requirements of Export and Import industries Tech Cloud ERP has a full-fledged developed ERP Software made under a lot of R & D process, it is a Web based ERP system that serves various functionalities mentioned below:


1. Track landed cost of imported goods


  • Identifying of hidden cost elements of imported goods

  • Calculate the cost estimation by product based on volume, quantity and value.

  • Shipment details can be tracked easily.


2. Expertise vendor and customer payments with multi-currency support


  • Customer loyalty is improved as great service is ensured with Tech Cloud ERP.

  • Avoid additional charges related to currency conversion rates.

  • Consistent pricing is maintained throughout the locations.


3.Control inventory with warehouse management software solutions


  • Increase the accuracy of order fulfillment.

  • Shorten delivery times.

  • Reduce overflow of on-hand inventory

  • Increase the visibility of an order’s status

  • Optimize storage space.

  • Minimize inventory movement.


Tech Cloud ERP is proficient to provide the functionality where the GRN is linked with delivery. Certain import and export companies don't believe in keeping the stock, they prefer to sell the stock as soon as they buy the material, hence Tech Cloud ERP is the best ERP software company across India with such distinctive features and functionalities.


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