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Cloud ERP Software Solution for Wood Manufacturing Industry

Automate your wood manufacturing industry processes with Tech Cloud ERP software, which is GST incorporated software.

By using cloud ERP software, you can measure and optimize your wood manufacturing processes. Wood ERP will help you to increase the efficiency in manufacturing & decrease the cost of manufacturing processes.

ERP solution for the wood manufacturing industry will integrate the purchased raw materials, used raw materials for manufacturing, processed finished goods & sell finished goods at one system.

Finally, It is a unified ERP Solution for the wood manufacturing industry.

Wood ERP Software Modules Features:

  • Inventory planning: To manage inward & outward stock.
  • Integration of design module: To plan for the Manufacturing designs(like BOM).
  • Project Management: To manage and club projects, processes and inventory flow.
  • Sales Management: To manage the sales, customers and their account transactions.
  • Purchase Management: It will record all the purchased items (raw materials or finished goods)
  • Manufacturing: It will help to monitor the manufacturing processes and Note the lot numbers & sequences along with the manufacturing & expiry dates.
  • Finance: It helps to check stock and financial audits.

Wood Manufacturing ERP will help you to resolve the following problems:

  • Production progress Control: Production progress is refreshed in detail at every production phase of each work request.
  • Plan to purchase raw materials: Naturally, determine and purpose dependent on BOM, plan for production and accurate stock of materials.
  • Increasing consumer loyalty: proactively getting data and recording client input on any progressions rapidly.
  • Manage cost: After accepting the requests from clients, the endeavor will quickly estimate the price and production costs for the item. Control cost causing in whole production and contrast with plans.
  • Improve and control stock effectiveness on account of the ideal arrangement of cutting wood and coordinating wood as per production needs.
  • Heads are guaranteed a continually refreshed information framework.


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