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Digitize your Trading Business with the most advanced ERP

The trading industry is the business of selling different kinds of products that are sold to customers, businesses, or government purposes. Trading companies regularly buy stocks, warehouse or maintain them, and then sell by making a profit on it. Trading companies require a lot of inventory management, customer detail management, shipment and delivery status management. To maintain all these records, a large database is required and so to say maintaining it manually is an extremely tedious job. Tech Cloud ERP helps trading companies to manage their business operations efficiently.


Tech Cloud ERP software for the Trading Industry helps wholesale traders, distributors to get present and future challenges in the distribution business which usually experiences random consumer behavior, demand oscillations and changes in government regulations.


Tech Cloud ERP for Trading Features;


Multi-branch, multi-location operations

Dynamic tracking of various processes

Expand trading to tap multiple geographies/multiple currencies

Real-time tracking of market strategies

Integrate multiple pricing

User definable marketing schemes

Stock management

Leads management

Analyses past sales reports

Integrated Sales, Purchase, Finance budgeting

Keeps track of commissions and pay-outs

Intuitive payroll


Tech Cloud ERP offers customized web-based ERP software for Trading Company.  Our trading software gives an end-to-end solution that builds and controls every aspect of the business from order management, operations, supply chain and logistics, documentation, accounting and business intelligence reporting. 


Contact Tech Cloud ERP, we will help your trading industry to grow more with our advanced ERP software.




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