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Tech Cloud ERP Software Solution for your Metal Industry

Metal Industry stands as the most important industry of India because it evidently contributes the highest economic linkages in overall GDP. As the requirement of metal is widespread and so the industries are expanding every year. The Vehicles and many other big components are made up of Metal. 


For such expandable business the requirement of ERP is on demand. ERP eases the complexity of the business and helps in running the business very efficiently.

Hence Tech Cloud ERP has come up with the best business solutions for such expandable industries. The bigger the business the more complexity it faces. Hence Tech Cloud ERP has taken an initiative for automating the process of industries.


Tech Cloud ERP Software is considered as the best ERP software for the Metal Industry. It will help your business to give more productive and profitable outcomes. Tech Cloud ERP has all the departments of your business incorporated in a single platform. 

After successfully deploying ERP projects and solutions for the Metal Industry, the Enterprise will:


  • Keep a  complete track of your Inventory/Stock : As the credit & debit of the item in the process of Sales and Purchase happen. Moreover it has the functionality to create BOMs which eliminates the wastage of raw material. 

  • Controls the quality of Production : Tech Cloud ERP ensures that the quantity is maintained as it provides the quality control module with the relevant parameters.

  • Complete Planning of Procurement: Tech Cloud ERP had bought this amazing functionality of Re - order level which helps in notifying the stores department to initiate the indent and raise PO.

  • Cost & Expenses Management:  Tech Cloud ERP has the finance module integrated with the other modules which reduces the work of keeping the track of all the payments, deposits as it automatically hits the GL inquiries.

  • Meeting the expectations of the customer: If you are using Tech Cloud ERP, you will come across with appreciation from  your customer because the ERP helps your business to produce A1 products and makes your business run in a systematic way.

Tech Cloud ERP will monitor your business A to Z, the speciality about Tech Cloud ERP is that it will eliminate manual entries as well. Just selecting and submitting. Everything is on the click of a button. The planning of Sales and Purchase and inventory management along with the logistic management is taken care of by Tech Cloud ERP. Tech Cloud ERP is the best ERP software for Manufacturing, Trading as the ERP is capable of creating end number of documents.


Contact Tech Cloud ERP for the best solution for your Metal Industry.  


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